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Dear Peeps,

we've just finished a new video for our song "standing still". Watch the little bird making its way through "black and white".

Big hug
Crystin & Sebastian
January 2014

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Our album was produced within 3 months in Hamburg and Düsseldorf, Germany.

We would like to say thank you to the fabulous Hermann Eugster, who played drums for our entire album. The sessions were recorded at Foolpark-Studios, Luzern, Switzerland.

Our first single is called "walk with me".
You will find all of our songs here:

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Please turn off the player
before starting a video.


The video of our second single "breathing", titeltrack of the documentation "traumwärts".

This is the video of our single
"walk with me"!
Handmade by the fabulous Ali Soozandeh.

This is the video of our song
"run away"!
Created by Crystin.

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Crystin Fawn and Sebastian Müller knew eachother before they were born - since then they are intertwinningly unseperable.

They began writing music early and soon founded their own bands and projects.

Crystin became a successful singer-songwriter, producer and solo-artist, she released 3 albums and several singles.
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Sebastian founded the band (space in brackets), released an album, several singles and played guitar for a lot of Crystin-songs.

Now the twins have put all their musical passion and experiences into their own band:

the sea and the sun is the perfect blend of indie-pop and a breath of fresh air for fans of songwriters.

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Check out the other projects and bands of Sebastian and Crystin:

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the sea & the sun


Send us an e-mail:

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